My Slice of Internet Silence

I’ve haven’t posted in a few weeks, and although I never intended to be a regular blogger I did have a few posts lined up about various things, lack of sleep being one. However, with the recent events of London, Manchester, Tehran, Mastung and Paris to name a few, I haven’t felt like posting a blog about my life events that pale in comparison. I can’t even comprehend what the families who have lost loved ones are going through and quite frankly I was a bit numb to it all before Max. I would try to put myself in people's shoes but nothing changes your perception of the unfolding events like having a child. Losing Max under any circumstances would crush me beyond repair but to lose a child to a heartless, cowardly, pathetic and quite frankly pointless terror attack would take whatever I had left and utterly corrupt me.

I’m certainly not going to get political or try to justify the totally unjustifiable but I will say that having Max has changed my outlook on these attacks. When I lived in London and anything happened, I used to just get on with it, yet now I am genuinely concerned about heading out especially with Max in tow. I’ve never been so scared of Twitter notification from the BBC and my heart skips a beat when I see one pop up on my phone. I cannot imagine how fathers, mothers, sons, daughters can ever pick themselves up after what can only be described as a heinous act. Somehow people do and it’s amazing.

So with that in mind, my little slice of internet space will be silent for a little longer to give thanks for everything I have in life and to think solemnly about what others have lost. It may seem trivial to some, but it is all I feel that I can do in a time where doing nothing can’t be my only option.  

Stay strong everyone.


Simon WheeldonComment