Money Saving Tips - Camel Camel Camel

Anyone who is a parent knows that money is tight pretty much all the time unless you are a celebrity or have an incredibly good job. Because childcare is super expensive usually one of you stays working whilst the other looks after the little rascal/s. Treats are few and far between, tech treats are hard to justify and children's toys are annoyingly highly priced.

Now you all might be shouting at the screen by now saying Camel, Camel, Camel… and I hear you, it has taken me a while but my gosh I hear you. For those of you who are ridiculously confused currently, stay with me.

I’ve recently hit gold when it comes to saving money and I cannot believe I’ve never heard of it before. In fairness, I’m having a bit of a love fest with this humpy monster and I wanted to share all about it, and no, before you say anything, one hump plus one hump does not equal a sponsored post. These are my words and a whole lot of saving for you guys.

Camel Camel Camel is a price comparison site that notifies you when a product you might want gets to a price you are willing to pay. Now the Camelizer (I’m not trying to be cool, this is actually what it is called) focuses on Amazon but does throw in 3rd party site comparisons and let's be fair who uses anything but Amazon these days anyway. You can even add a little widget to Chrome desktop that allows you to save a product direct from that page, so when you are browsing away, dreaming of all that tech you can save a few items to the Camelizer, set your desired price and wait for the Camel to get in touch.

It actually gets better...I know, how could it possibly get better?

I’ve been tricked numerous times by a sale or discount on Amazon. The person in the back of my head says don’t do it, but I’ve seen sale so it must be the best price ever right? It’s happened to all of us I’m sure. Well just ask Camel and it will show the products price history; no joke. The whole history, price peaks, and price lows.

Take the Nest Cam Outdoor for example. Currently it has got a big line through the RRP at £179.00 and states:

Price: £172.31 (in red I might add, just to really get me)

But a quick Camel Camel Camel and I can see that it has been as low as £149.00. I rest my case.

Look this isn’t some kind of solution to getting all your tech fixes straight away but it certainly saves you money if you are patient. As a parent with children's products, toys, and my tech needs I’m always on Amazon and this has started to save me some money.

There are certainly some other money saving sites out there and I will be covering them too over the next few months, so keep an eye out.

Don’t get the hump get Camel Camel Camel (I couldn’t resist, there had to be one Camel joke).

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