Childcare Dilemma of a Stay at Home Dad

So I’ve covered some historic DadofBoy events lately but I haven’t really covered any current life events. I’m sure you are all super keen to know what is going on…*tumbleweed*

I’ll crack on anyway.

I’m all for trying to promote the good, the bad and the ugly about being a parent, and today I have the bad, a dilemma that is really tugging at my heartstrings.

As you may know, I co-founded Send a Box and dabble with building websites, logos, and general design with the Virtual Handyman. As a full-time dad working around Max, this raises some issues as my days are long and my nights are often late. So recently we have been trialing two mornings at a childminder. It adds to the bills but it gives me a bit of time to do some work, house chores and/or now the occasional blog post.

You are probably thinking, that's ok, seems normal, but here is my issue... I have turned into a soppy squidgy mess when it comes to my little man. He hasn’t particularly enjoyed the first 5 sessions and is often angry, upset and crying for most of the time he is there. I hate dropping him off, watching his little face drop as I walk away down the street. I wasn’t always like this, I once made the cracking and amazing (pre-child/dad) statement that I would leave him in a room or put headphones on if he wouldn’t stop crying. Don’t worry, no one needs to call child services, it was a ludicrous pre-child macho sentence that I could never even think about doing now.

It isn’t just for my benefit as Max gets to play with other children and I feel that gives him more experiences that he doesn’t get regularly exposed to. This is where my internal dilemma comes in. Am I over exaggerating the effects of him playing with others, meaning that I can get work done and feel less guilty and upset about leaving him?

Obviously, it would have been lovely if Max had taken to it but now he appears set against the whole thing what do I do?

I’m not expecting answers to fall out of the sky but if any readers do feel they have some answers or experiences please do feel free to share in the comments section below.

I don’t have any concrete ideas on how to tackle this little parenting conundrum so I’ve left it open, like the ending to a good book or very bad film that they just can’t end no matter how hard they try.

To be continued ...



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